Alumni Spotlight: Eric Cuevas

Eric Cuevas standing on the side of the street in the snow

For this IPR Alumni Spotlight we had a conversation with Audio Production & Engineering graduate, Eric Cuevas about his career in the music industry.  Eric is a Minneapolis native from the South Metro area who graduated from IPR in 2019. Since completing his degree, Eric has been working consistently in the industry as a freelance engineer and live sound engineer. We had a great talk about how he got started in the industry, how IPR impacted his career, and what he is up to now.

Eric got into audio in high school when he noticed some of his friends and fellow classmates making music that was well crafted and professional sounding. That is when he realized, you don’t need to be an adult to do this kind of thing, and he jumped in. Wanting to get involved, Eric found himself behind the computer recording and engineering the group’s music. Since sophomore year in high school he was recording sessions and charging artists for his time. He understood at a young age that it was essential to place value on his work and time. This combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and likable personality contributed to Eric’s initial and ongoing success.

Once Eric graduated high school he found himself in limbo. Traditional education never seemed to be a good fit for him but he understood the value of education. Thus he came to the decision to attend IPR and follow his passion of recording and engineering music. While attending IPR, he learned many skills that helped built confidence in himself as an artist and professional. From the technical skills that are essential in his daily work, to the social skills that were developed at IPR. “I learned a lot of things that built confidence. I learned the technical things which are important, like how to wire a patch bay and what mics to use for what situation. But the biggest thing I got from IPR was being ok with telling people what I do, and having them see it as a normal thing.” This was conveyed to him by the faculty who supported him and gave him extra help.

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We also chatted with Eric about what kinds of projects he is working on right now. Currently, Eric works at The Garage Recording studio as an engineer. While he considers this a job, it’s not his main thing.  He spends most of his time as a freelance engineer. This is where Eric’s passion lies, in working for artists in the Minneapolis area, in a variety of genres. Most recently he recorded and engineered a project that at IPR utilizing his graduate studio access. The artist name is Yankee Boar and they just released their first single “Cold Hands.” This is a brilliant song that is mixed beautifully. Give it a listen and follow Eric’s at 8E8 Studios on Facebook.

Audio Production and Engineering Program

The Audio Production and Engineering Program at the Institute of Production and Recording is an occupational degree program designed to train producer engineers who are entrepreneurs, musically and technically creative, and proficient in modern recording technology and technique. Throughout the program, students are involved in hands-on exercises and real-world studio projects that enable them to apply their knowledge and refine their skills.

At the end of the Audio Production and Engineering program, each student presents a portfolio — a selection of his or her best work to date. This serves as a demo reel for potential employers and clients — an audio resume with professional content that highlights the graduate’s talent and skill.

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