Music & Entertainment Business Courses

Core Curriculum

Students are required to earn all credits from the following list of courses:

Class # Class Name Credits
AC110 Accounting Principles I 4
AP154 Desktop Production I 5
CL113 Computer and Web Fluency 4
CL121 Introduction to Microsoft Office Professional 3
EB102 The Media Industry Landscape 4
EB120 Business Management for Media Professionals 4
EB123 Media as the Message 3
EB166 Principles of Design 4
EB203 Law and Economics of Intellectual Property 4
EB211 Business Communication and Networking 3
EB223 Career Planning for the Creative Professional 1
EB253 Marketing and Branding Strategies 4
EB267 Entertainment Contracts and Licensing 3
EB269 Web Development Strategies 4
EB291 Music and Entertainment Business Seminar 2


16 credits, as approved by Dean of Students and Program Chair. Some elective courses may be subject to additional lab fee. See registrar for details.

See the full course list for options.

Total core minimum requirement: 68 credits

General Education

A minimum of 30 credits, at least 3 credits from each category:


CM111 Speech Communications 4
CM121 Composition (required) 4
CM200 Intercultural Communications 4
CM210 Creative Writing 4
CM220 Art of Persuasion 4
CM230 Mass Communication 4


HU100 Introduction to Humanities 4
HU121 Film in Society 4
HU125 World Music 4
HU130 Spanish I 4
HU150 Introduction to Literature 4
HU200 Art in the Modern World 4

Natural Science & Mathematics

NS105 Biology 4
NS111 Environmental Issues 4
NS112 Topics in Mathematical Reasoning (required)* 4
NS116 College Algebra I (required)* 4
NS121 Earth Science 4
NS216 College Algebra II 4

*Students must complete either NS112 or NS116.

Social Science

SS103 Global Citizenship (required) 2
SS116 Introduction to Psychology 4
SS123 History of American Music 4
SS130 Law in Society 4
SS140 Interpersonal Relations (required) 4
SS145 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
SS205 Sociology 4
SS210 Developmental Psychology 4
SS230 Psychology of Personality 4

Total general education minimum requirement: 30 credits

Total minimum requirement to complete degree: 98 credits

Based on competency exam scores, a student may be required to take one or more of the following preparatory classes: AP050 Elements of Music, CS051 Foundations of Computing, FM051 Foundations of Math I, FM052 Foundations of Math II, FW051 Foundations of Writing I, and/or FW052 Foundations of Writing II.


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