A.A.S. Music and Entertainment Business

The Music and Entertainment Business program is an occupational degree program that focuses on a core collection of courses geared toward providing graduates with the skills and practices needed for success in both freelance and corporate environments. Music, television, film, industrials, theatrical production, video games, graphic & web design are primary disciplines of Media Arts Music and Entertainment Business.

This program is designed to help individuals navigate these continually changing landscapes. Using a unique, hands on learning environment and a technology-based learn-by-doing approach, students will have immediate experience with the professional tools, equipment, and software used throughout the industry. The core curriculum covers such essential topics as: shopping a project, intellectual property rights, digital rights management, contract law, design, creative copy writing, communication and networking, history, business structures and economic maintenance, current events analysis, and strategic branding. The curriculum is designed to expose students to the tools and techniques used to create, develop, manage, and market creative content in the ever-expanding universe of arts and entertainment. The technical core elective pool is designed to enhance and provide advanced experience in a variety of industry-related fields. Within each elective class, both students and their instructors work in cooperation with other professionals to develop materials used in actual record releases, press campaigns, digital video productions and marketing programs.

Music and Entertainment Business Course Requirements

Student Outcomes Disclosure: Music and Entertainment Business

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