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Music and Entertainment Business Degrees
  • A.A.S. Music and Entertainment Business

    The music and entertainment business program is an occupational degree program that focuses on a core collection of courses geared toward providing graduates with the skills and practices needed for success in both freelance and corporate environments. Music, television, film, industrials, theatrical production, video games, graphic and web design are primary disciplines of media arts music and entertainment business.

    This program is designed to help individuals navigate these continually changing landscapes. Using a unique, hands-on learning environment and a technology-based learn-by-doing approach, students will have immediate experience with the professional tools, equipment and software used throughout the industry. The core curriculum covers such essential topics as: shopping a project, intellectual property rights, digital rights management, contract law, design, creative copywriting, communication and networking, history, business structures and economic maintenance, current events analysis, and strategic branding.

    The curriculum is designed to expose students to the tools and techniques used to create, develop, manage and market creative content in the ever-expanding universe of arts and entertainment. The technical core elective pool is designed to enhance and provide advanced experience in a variety of industry-related fields. Within each elective class, both students and their instructors work in cooperation with other professionals to develop materials used in actual record releases, press campaigns, digital video productions and marketing programs.

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  • Music and Entertainment Business Courses

    Core Curriculum

    Students are required to earn all credits from the following list of courses:

    Class Name

    1. Accounting Principles I
    2. Desktop Production I
    3. Computer and Web Fluency
    4. Introduction to Microsoft Office Professional
    5. The Media Industry Landscape
    6. Business Management for Media Professionals
    7. Business and Production of Commercial Media I
    8. Principles of Design I
    9. Law and Economics of Intellectual Property
    10. Business Communication and Networking
    11. Career Planning for the Creative Professional
    12. Marketing and Branding Strategies
    13. Entertainment Contracts and Licensing
    14. Web Development Strategies
    15. Music and Entertainment Business Seminar


    16 credits, as approved by the dean of students and program chair. Some elective courses may be subject to additional lab fee. See registrar for details.

    See the full course list for options.

    Total core minimum requirement: 68 credits

    General Education Requirements

    A minimum of 30 credits, at least three credits from each category:


    1. Speech Communications
    2. Composition (required)
    3. Intercultural Communications
    4. Creative Writing
    5. Art of Persuasion
    6. Mass Communication


    1. Introduction to Humanities
    2. Film in Society
    3. World Music
    4. Spanish I
    5. Introduction to Literature
    6. Art in the Modern World

    Natural Science & Mathematics

    1. Biology
    2. Environmental Issues
    3. Topics in Mathematical Reasoning (required)*
    4. College Algebra I (required)*
    5. Earth Science
    6. College Algebra II

    Students must complete either NS112 or NS116.

    Social Science

    1. Global Citizenship (required)
    2. Introduction to Psychology
    3. History of American Music
    4. Law in Society
    5. Interpersonal Relations (required)
    6. Introduction to Macroeconomics
    7. Sociology
    8. Developmental Psychology
    9. Psychology of Personality

    Total general education minimum requirement: 30 credits

    Total minimum requirement to complete degree: 98 credits

    Based on competency exam scores, a student may be required to take one or more of the following preparatory classes: CL051 Foundations of Computing, FM051 Foundations of Math I, FM052 Foundations of Math II, FW051 Foundations of Writing I, and/or FW052 Foundations of Writing II.

  • Careers in Music & Entertainment Business

    1. Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes- Represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes in dealings with current or prospective employers. May handle contract negotiation and other business matters for clients.

    Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes


    3% is the average growth rate for all occupations from 2014 to 2024.*

    *The average growth rate data is taken from the site.
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