Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools

This course covers basic Pro Tools principles, giving you what you need to complete a Pro Tools project from initial set up to final mixdown. The course will enhance your skills in recording of live instruments, MIDI sequencing of software synthesizers or audio looping.


  • Getting to know Pro Tools
  • Getting inside Pro Tools
  • Creating your first session
  • Making your first audio recording
  • Importing media
  • Making your first MIDI recording
  • Selecting and navigating
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Finishing your work

Course Length 

While Pro Tools 101 can be completed through self-study, Avid recommends obtaining hands-on experience through an instructor-led class offered by one of its official training partners, such as IPR. 

To enroll in this course, you should have basic computer skills and some audio recording knowledge, such as a basic understanding of recording techniques, processes and equipment.

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