Audio Production & Engineering Courses

Core Curriculum

Students are required to earn all credits from the following list of courses:

Class # Class Name Credits
AE130 Studio Audio Engineering I 5
AE204 Studio Audio Engineering II 4
AP121 Music Fundamentals I 4
AP154 Desktop Production I 5
AP204 Desktop Production II 4
AP221 Music Fundamentals II 4
AV255 Audio Production for Visual Media I
CL113 Computer and Web Fluency 4
EB102 The Media Industry Landscape 4
EB120 Business Management for Media Professionals 4
EB166 Principles of Design 4
EB203 Law and Economics of Intellectual Property 4
EB223 Career Planning for the Creative Professional 1


8 credits, as approved by Dean of Students and Program Chair.

See the full course list for options.


Select four credits from the following:

AE262 Studio Audio Engineering III 4
AP262 Music Production Techniques 4

Select four credits from the following:

AE293 Studio Audio Engineering Portfolio I 4
AP292 Music Production Portfolio 4

Total core minimum requirement: 67 credits

General Education

A minimum of 30 credits, at least 3 credits from each category:


CM111 Speech Communications 4
CM121 Composition (required) 4
CM200 Intercultural Communications 4
CM210 Creative Writing 4
CM220 Art of Persuasion 4
CM230 Mass Communication 4


HU100 Introduction to Humanities 4
HU121 Film in Society 4
HU125 World Music 4
HU130 Spanish I 4
HU150 Introduction to Literature 4
HU200 Art in the Modern World 4

Natural Science & Mathematics

NS105 Biology 4
NS111 Environmental Issues 4
NS112 Topics in Mathematical Reasoning (required)* 4
NS116 College Algebra I (required)* 4
NS121 Earth Science 4
NS216 College Algebra II 4

*Students must complete either NS112 or NS116.

Social Science

SS103 Global Citizenship (required) 2
SS116 Introduction to Psychology 4
SS123 History of American Music 4
SS130 Law in Society 4
SS140 Interpersonal Relations (required) 4
SS145 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
SS205 Sociology 4
SS210 Developmental Psychology 4
SS230 Psychology of Personality 4

Total general education minimum requirement: 30 credits

Total minimum requirement to complete degree: 97 credits

Based on competency exam scores, a student may be required to take one or more of the following preparatory classes: AP050 Elements of Music, CS051 Foundations of Computing, FM051 Foundations of Math I, FM052 Foundations of Math II, FW051 Foundations of Writing I, and/or FW052 Foundations of Writing II.


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