A.A.S. Audio Production & Engineering

The Audio Production and Engineering program is an occupational degree program designed to train producer engineers who are entrepreneurs, musically and technically creative and proficient in modern recording technology and technique. Students learn the fundamentals: acoustics, audio signal flow, recording, music theory, digital audio workstations, MIDI sequencing and music and entertainment business essentials.

Throughout the program, students are involved in hands-on exercises and real-world studio projects that enable them to apply their knowledge and refine their skills. After mastering the core concepts, students learn artistic and technical skills: microphone technique, mixing, critical listening, session management, studio etiquette, people skills, and basic song composition and programming. Students are introduced to many facets of the audio production industry – from traditional studio work to live sound, post production, sound design, composition, A&R, marketing and distribution. In our advanced classes, students hone their creative and technical skills while working with advanced recording, editing, mixing and mastering techniques, song arrangement, chord structure and harmony. At the end of the program, each student presents a portfolio – a selection of his or her best work to date. This serves as a demo reel for potential employers and clients – an audio resume with professional content that highlights the graduate’s talent and skill.

Audio Production & Engineering Course Requirements

Student Outcomes Disclosure: Audio Production & Engineering

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