About the IPR Library

The library offers students a wide variety of course-specific music resources—each quarter we acquire hundreds of new items. Our librarian works closely with faculty to ensure students acquire the research skills that will help them succeed at IPR and in their future careers.

Resources abound

IPR’s library may not be big, but it packs a punch. Besides traditional books, periodicals and reference materials, the library also includes:

  • CD, DVD and 5.1-audio collections. The selection reflects the major artists, genres, and movements in popular music. We’ve got thousands and counting...
  • Three powerful databases. Ebscohost provides tens of thousands of full-text, indexed and peer-reviewed articles covering a wide range of academic scholarship. ProQuest offers the same access to newspaper articles from hundreds of national and international publications. Finally, our audio engineering digital library offers searchable archives for the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.
  • Library instruction services. The library provides many levels of support for students looking for help. Students can approach the librarian for one-on-one research instruction at any point during regular library hours. The librarian also visits classes to promote best research practices. The adjacent Learning Resource Center offers a quiet study area during the day and evening tutoring sessions.

To learn more, please contact our librarian, Tina Halfmann, at 612.375.1900 ext. 120.

Virtual and live tours available

Want to see our campus for yourself? Take the virtual tour, or better yet, arrange a personal visit to the campus. Call 1-866-477-4840 or request information.


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