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IPR Campus

Facilities and Equipment at IPR

Located in the heart of the revitalized warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis, IPR occupies 49,000 square feet, including classrooms, studios, labs, a library and a variety of student spaces. The campus is conveniently located close to sports facilities, banks, department stores, restaurants, trains and buses — essentially the swirling hub of commerce that is downtown Minneapolis. The campus is a historic building restored with undeniable character, and our equipment and facilities offer some of the best the industry has to offer.


In addition to IPR's studio facilities, the campus includes multimedia computer labs. Each lab is equipped with a variety of workstations for students to explore music production and sequencing, audio editing and mixing, video, graphic design and web and multimedia production. Students can access more than 100 Mac- and PC-based workstations featuring Avid's Pro Tools® and Media Composer systems, Apple’s Logic Pro® and Final Cut Studio®, Ableton Live™ and the entire range of Adobe® Creative Suite software including Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

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Microphone Collection

Outsiders may overlook the microphone, but our students know it’s a vital piece of equipment that can often make the difference between a mere piece of work and a masterpiece. IPR’s microphone collection includes more than 100 industry-standard and vintage pieces for our students to explore and learn on

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Studios at IPR are available to students 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Here, students take the helm outside of class, learning the latest in audio/video production, design and business technologies. IPR’s studios are a place for students to work in real time with real clients.

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College in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a hotbed for the creative arts industry. The city is home to countless advertising agencies, theaters, music venues and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to the many career opportunities, the Twin Cities offers plenty of cultural and recreational activities to keep you busy year round.

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