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'Grizzly' Screenwriter Visits IPR Students

Recently, the DV Student Freelance Group hosted a Q & A with “Grizzly“ screenwriter Jack Reher. Current and future students of IPR, along with IPR staff and students and alumni from other GEN programs watched the trailer for “Grizzly” and were entertained by Reher’s colorful slant on the LA filmmaking/writing experience. After connecting with IPR’s Digital Video Program
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Graduate Success Story: Tanner Schelle

IPR graduation: 2011 First job: Guitar Center Doing now: Video Content Manager, Wellbeats, and owner, Level Up Multimedia LLC.   What are you doing now? Currently I do a few jobs. My full-time job is at a wellness company called Wellbeats. Here I’m the video content manager, meaning I shoot, edit and manage all of
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IPR Unveils New Programs in Graphic Design and Digital Video

This quarter IPR began offering two new degree programs to students: an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Interactive Media & Graphic Design and an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Digital Video & Media Production. They join IPR’s already stellar associate degree programs of audio production and engineering, sound design for visual media, and
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Grip, Gaffer, Best Boy… What Are Those Weird-Sounding Jobs in the Film Industry?

If you’re interested in film, you’ve probably noticed some funky-sounding job titles in the credits at the end of movies… and wondered what, exactly, these folks do. The world of digital video and media production offers an array of career opportunities. Some of them, such as director, are more straightforward. Others, however, may need some explanation.
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Meet Mary Jane Alm: An IPR and Minnesota Legend

You know you’re a big deal when a restaurant names a dish after you. Of course, IPR instructor Mary Jane Alm had plenty of reasons to consider herself “arrived” even before Jackson’s Hole, a favorite spot for IPR folks, introduced its “Mary Jane’s Salad.” In her illustrious career, she’s been voted Best Female Vocalist and
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7 Reasons to Check Out IPR

The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in downtown Minneapolis offers a hands-on educational experience for the Entertainment industry. Founded in 2002, IPR offers associate degree programs in Audio Production & Engineering, Sound Design for Visual Media, Live Sound & Show Production, Music & Entertainment Business, Interactive Media & Graphic Design and Digital Video Production.
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