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West of Aldine Rocks Triple Rock, Tim Mahoney, Moving Parts, and Kenny Stratton for My Stuff Bags Foundation

Last Wednesday night (12/12/12) West of Aldine took the stage at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis for a benefit show put on by IPR, The Institute of Production & Recording’s, event production course (part of the Music & Entertainment Business program) for the My Stuff Bags Foundation.

Director, Peter Jackson's New Film The Hobbit Shot in 48 FPS

The Hobbit in 48 Frames Per Second I was doing my usual mid-morning tech geek-out internet research session and stumbled across something quite interesting. I was not yet aware of this bit information and was also slightly shocked by it. It has to do with Peter Jackson’s new film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. Peter
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Legendary Recording Engineer, Bruce Swedien Visits IPR

Recording Engineer, Bruce Swedien’s Recent Visit to Minneapolis and IPR, The Institute of Production & Recording “We need to teach young people, most of all, that music is the only true magic in life. Once you get that firmly in their mind, everything else will fall into place.” – Bruce Swedien Swedien’s Visit to Minneapolis
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Deadline for the Creative Quill Approaching Soon!

REMINDER If you would like to submit work for consideration in the annual Creative Quill publication, the deadline is approaching fast!  All original poems, stories, essays, plays, and/or song lyrics must be submitted to Laura Benda by December 20th at 5 p.m. – email for more information.  Happy writing! Laura Benda Service Learning Coordinator
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IPR, The Institute of Production & Recording's New College Campus – Episode One

Music, Recording and Production Campus and Studios Outgrowing Our Downtown Minneapolis Campus By late 2009, it had become clear that we were outgrowing our original space on Washington Ave. The campus had opened in July of 2002 and grew to encompass almost fifty-thousand square feet in both the Jackson and Colonial Buildings, on the corner of Washington and 3rd Avenue
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Tex Pistols at Music in the Park – A Long Overdue Gallery

A long overdue set of photos from this summer’s event. The Tex Pistols, featuring IPR instructors Dik Shopteau on bass and Scooter Nelson on drums, along with guest singer and instructor Mary Jane Alm headlined this year and played us out to sunset. If don’t see the slideshow, check it out on IPR’s Flickr. Music in
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IPR Tumbls [sic]

IPR has a Tumblr now. Here we’ll collect things we like and we hope that you like them too. Submissions are welcome.

Bruce McLaughlin

Bruce – You were a vibrant part of the IPR family. Intelligent, passionate and talented above all. You inspired students and staff alike. We will all miss you greatly. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for your contribution, and the condolences to your family and friends.



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