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Kevin Bowe's dual CD Release Party June 8th @ Varsity Theater

Even if your IPR study track isn’t audio production, you probably know who Kevin Bowe is. Kevin spends most of his time making other people’s music sound great by mixing, tracking, songwriting, producing, and teaching audio production. But this doesn’t leave him much time to be an artist, which is probably the one thing that
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Soundset 2012 and IPR

IPR’s footprint at Soundset 2012 included rolling out the Rhymesayers Entertainment (RSE) scholarship, audio production tutorials, IPR tent interviews with RSE artists, IPR staff and students recording the Soundset 2012 main stage, and an abrupt weather related festival ending. It was crazy out there. We got a mid-afternoon headcount of 19-20k, and people were still
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Wrap Up Your Quarter in the Learning Center!

The end of the quarter is almost here – make sure you get your grade up as high as you can by brining your final papers and projects into the Learning Center!  Writing tutors are available Monday through Friday, and math tutors are available Monday through Thursday (times vary each day; check the schedule or
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Spring 2012 Student Showcase Recap!

Despite the patio-perfect weather, Honey’s ground-level music lounge, lit solely by a blend of lavender and fuchsia lights beaming on the stage and the reflections of loud cubism paintings that drenched the walls with color; the turnout for the Spring 2012 Student Music Showcase was spectacular!  Thank you to all who came out to support
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Update on the Move to 300 1st Ave. North

We want to make sure to keep you up speed as much as possible with what is happening regarding our highly anticipated move to 300 North 1st Ave.  We will remain in our current building through the end of the current quarter (Spring 2012) and plan to open our doors at the new facility prior
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