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IPR Presents: Music in the Park! Friday, August 19th

IPR Presents: Music in the Park! A Free Concert for the Community at Minnehaha Park The Institute of Production & Recording (IPR) presents Music in the Park on Friday, August 19th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The public is invited to this free, all-ages concert at Minnehaha Park’s bandstand, located at 4825 Minnehaha Avenue
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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 1 (wk 2)

Jimmy and Jab are back for another week of Video Production Summer Camp. Day one went something like this: There are more girls than guys this time around, which really changes the dynamic. Jimmy says the girls took much more responsibility for organizing the creative part of this than guys did for the first Video
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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp Day 3 (wk 2)

Day 3 finds our Instructors (Jimmy Watkins and Josh Burdette) tilling new educational ground with their budding audio students! Group 1 spent time tracking drums in studio 3. Often the most intricate part of recording, drums are pretty tough to get right. When it comes to tracking, drum kits require more resources (i.e. microphones, preamps,
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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp Day 2 (wk1)

Today’s Audio Production summer camp went well, as is to be expected.  Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins (Instructors) lead their group through vocal tracking for three songs. Campers took turns running the board and recording software in Studio 3. Yesterday’s lesson on microphone technology came in handy today as the Instructors discussed microphone choice, and the students actually knew what they
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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp

Welcome to summer camp update week 2 with Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins. When we last checked in with our guys, they were finishing up a great week of video production training with another group from the U of M summer camps. This week they’re going to put the cameras away in favor of mixing
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IPR Early Fall 2011 Orientation

Admissions Director Sue Ferkingstad sends special thanks out to the parents and families who attended orientation for the incoming Early Fall class; this one had a high attendance. Because this group has done such an excellent job staying on top of their admissions paperwork, new student orientation moved along at a very healthy pace Saturday.
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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Wrap Up (WK 1)

This week’s Video Production Summer Camp has come to a successful close.  Here are a few of the week’s highlights from Instructors Jimmy Watkins and Josh Burdette: The students this week were really engaged. Sure we had to construct a framework within which the students could operate, but they were all really creative, and, most
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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 4 (Wk1)

Today’s Video Production summer camp found students individually picking a video scene to edit. Tomorrow, for the wrap up, they’ll be combining the different video clips and polishing up the audio for the finished product. Josh and Jimmy (Instructors) were excited to report that some students had begun doing some post-audio work without being prompted.
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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 3 (Wk1)

Weds. Day 3 – Today was a very productive day, according to our instructor comrades extraordinaire (aka Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins). To make the most efficient move possible, Josh and Jimmy split their video production group in half. Josh kept his students busy editing in C-Lab 3 while Jimmy took the other group to
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