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Graduate Success Stories – Nic Hentges at Audio Logic Systems

S.O.N.G.S. (Stories Of New Graduate Success) is a spotlight on the paths IPR students pursue after graduation and the success they find along the way… As the Lead Production Technician for Audio Logic Systems Nic’s job description includes prepping audio, video, lighting, and rigging gear for productions as well as on site management of the
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IPR’s Artist and industries relations coordinator Brian “Champtown” Harmon has teamed up with the number one urban website in the world to launch his underground video show entitled Footage Fa Dayz. The show has been on just four weeks and has already had close to five hundred thousand views. Footage Fa Dayz features vintage
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Come to the July Alumni Social Hour!!

All IPR Alumni are invited to our third monthly Alumni Event, Tuesday, July 14. This time, it will be casual “Social Hour” at J.D.Hoyt’s across the street from IPR. Click HERE for their website. The time is 5:30pm – 6:30pm. Their happy hour is from 4pm – 6pm and appetizers will be provided by IPR.
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Giving Kids The Experience of a Lifetime

IPR’s Brian “Champtown” Harmon gave kids the experience of a lifetime in a local anti-gang prevention program in St. Paul’s East Side this Wednesday. Champ has taken on a mentor role in changing children’s lives through sharing his own experiences and choices and talking with them about creating the futures they want out of what
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Jennifer Davis: Still Rising, Still Affordable

Newcomers to Jennifer Davis’s work usually succumb immediately. When, in 1873’s The Renaissance, Walter Pater wrote, “all art aspires to the condition of music,” he couldn’t have been more dead-on. But that was then, when the modern gallery system had only just barely started opening up the art market to regular folks and freeing artists
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Southern Theater Caps ‘08-’09 “Wordless Music” Series with Icelandic Master, New York Prodigy, Minneapolis Whiz Kid

While I can’t roll with the video’s depiction of Parsons, it’s hardly YouTube’s most stupidly sanctimonious.  Plus, it’s good to see him getting more attention, especially with Jóhann Jóhannsson’s predictably magnificent track framing it. Given Minneapolis’s “most literate city” ranking, geological stability (*), resistance to tidal waves, and welcoming climate (compared to, say, Pluto or
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The Sky’s The Limit: Cloud Computing for Multimedia Artists

  Cloud computing is a term used to describe data and applications which are stored in a “cloud” of web servers and accessed via the internet rather than being drawn from your desktop computer. The concept is steadily gaining in popularity amongst business professionals seeking to streamline their infrastructures and potentially save some money. Benefits
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Theater Of The Absurd 2.0

Conan O’Brien, having recently taken the helm of Tonight Show ship, has unknowingly and expertly illustrated for me the topic of this post.  The show’s opening sketch, portraying his hectic last minute trek to the new television studio he will call home, was unflinchingly absurd, as we all realize no one could run from New
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