Tuition and Fees

Programs: length1 and tuition and fees2 (before consideration of financial aid, transfer credits and other adjustments) can be viewed by program:

Single Subject (1 quarter, 3 months)

  • Tuition: $460 per credit (total tuition will vary depending on courses chosen)
  • Lab fees: $995 per quarter for students taking select courses3
  • Books and supplies: Approximately $200 per quarter (Fees will vary depending on a student’s chosen courses.)

Rate changes

Tuition and lab fees are reviewed annually and any changes are made effective in each early fall (July/August) term. Revised tuition rates are typically published in the school catalog and/or catalog addendum at least six to nine months in advance of the effective date.

Application fee

The Institute of Production and Recording requires a $50 application fee at the time of initial application for all programs. A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check.

International student tuition

The tuition rate for all international students is $560 per quarter-hour credit. An international student making application to IPR via the I-20 form will be required to pay the first quarter tuition prior to starting classes. Students will be billed for books, fees and future tuition as incurred.
International students enrolled for associate degree programs must provide proof (bank statement) of access to funds in excess of one year’s international tuition and indirect educational expenses ($22,760 US). For purposes of this calculation, an academic year is defined as nine months.
International applicants and students should also carefully read the International Student Refund Policy and the International Student Deposit and Cancellation Policy sections of this catalog prior to applying to or withdrawing from the school.


A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $200 U.S. must be received by the institution before an I-20 document will be issued. The deposit will be applied to the student’s first quarter tuition (as described in the International Student Tuition section of this catalog). This deposit is refundable only if the student’s visa application is denied.


When an international student withdraws or is terminated from the school at any time during his or her first quarter of attendance, the student’s first quarter tuition will be retained in full by the school and will not be refunded. Beginning with an international student’s second quarter of enrollment, when the international student withdraws or is terminated from school before completing 60 percent of the quarter, the amount charged for tuition and fees is prorated based on the percentage of the quarter completed by the student at the time of withdrawal or termination compared to the total length of the quarter. When an international student withdraws from or is terminated from school at or after 60 percent completion of the quarter, the student will be charged 100 percent of the quarter’s tuition and fees. The percentage of the quarter completed by the international student is determined by the last date of attendance. Refunds of Title IV funding for any international student who is eligible for and receiving Title IV funds shall be calculated in the same manner as for non-international students, regardless of the quarter in which the international student is enrolled.
Refunds will be made within 30 days of the earlier of the student’s written notification of withdrawal to the school or the date that the school determines that the student is no longer enrolled (after 14 consecutive calendar days of absence).

Contact us for more information

Please contact IPR at 1-866-477-4840 for more information about our tuition and fees, or request information online.

1Completion length may vary depending on: need for preparatory classes, failure to pass a required course(s), choosing to take additional electives, and/or averaging less than 15-17 credits per quarter.

2Total program cost may vary depending on selection of classes. If specialization, capstone area or general education electives chosen are worth more than the minimum total credits required, or additional technical or certification courses are selected, appropriate charges per credit will be assessed. The total cost of the degree would then reflect the cost of additional credits elected.

3Please see the registrar for a list of courses which include this fee.


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