Frequently Asked Questions

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About Media Arts Schools

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  • Why should I choose IPR?

  • What makes IPR different than other production and entertainment business schools?


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  • What are the basic admissions requirements?

  • What is the interview about?

  • Do I need an appointment to interview/tour?

  • What do you look for in the interview?

  • Do I need to bring a parent along to my meeting with an admissions representative?

  • Is there a GPA requirement?

  • Do I need a demo to get accepted?

  • How do I get started toward enrollment?

  • Is there an application fee?

  • What happens after you receive my application?

  • Should I graduate high school first before I send my application?

  • Is there a college entrance exam?

  • Do you have multiple campus locations?

  • Why would I travel away from home to go to a school?

Career Services

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  • Does IPR help students get jobs?

  • What can I expect from the career services department at IPR?

  • What kind of jobs do you train for?

Education Department

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  • What is the length of your associate degree programs?

  • How much homework or work outside of class will I have to do?

  • What is a typical class size?

  • When are your classes?

  • How long are most classes?

  • Are there breaks between quarters?

  • What software and hardware platforms will I be using?

  • Will I need to purchase my own computer to complete my IPR assignments?

Financial Aid

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  • How much is tuition?

  • What financial aid is available for me?


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  • Is it necessary to be a musician to be admitted into IPR?

  • What if I am a musician?

Student Resources

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  • Does IPR help find housing?

  • I will need to work part-time; where can I find work?

  • Where do students park?

  • Are there bus lines nearby?

  • How do I get to your school?

  • What is there to do in Minneapolis?

  • What is the weather like in Minneapolis?

  • What's the next step for me?


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