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Online and On-Campus Library Services

IPR’s online and on-campus libraries provide access to books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, 5.1 audio collections, reference materials and a wide range of digital resources. Here, students can borrow music, study for classes, check out books and get help with research papers.

Access the online library

IPR shares an online library with other schools in the Globe Education Network (GEN). This library offers access to e-books, reference materials, databases, research guides and help with references and citations. 

Learning resource center

Attached to the on-campus library is IPR’s learning resource center. Students come here for a quiet area to study at any time of day. Tutoring is also available in this space.
Contact the library

To learn more about the library’s resources, please contact Tina Halfmann at 612.375.1900 ext. 120.